Tsumat Lev - Chantal

Tsumat Lev - Chantal

Approximately twenty years ago, Chantal started specializing in evening gown design. When her daughter married, she felt a passion to specialize in designing wedding dresses.

Chantal believes that the perfect wedding dress is born of the bride and her internal world. On the day of her wedding, she must feel and look real, and not "in disguise" – that is why it is so important to let the bride express herself when designing her dress.

"Each bride manages to get something different out of me," says Chantal. "Everything is meaningful, and that is how the dress is made – the fabric, softness, cut, body structure and more."

For you to feel as comfortable and beautiful as possible on your magic day, it is important to express through your dress your unique character and your inner beauty. This is what makes the difference between a dress and a truly perfect dress.

Chantal called her studio Tsumat Lev – Attention – a name that she perfected into a whole system, a whole way of running the studio. This approach will have the bride feeling like she is in a dream. 

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