IdaMaria - Tanya Rayhelgauz Designer

If you would like to surprise the guests at your wedding with an unforgettable one-of-a-kind dress, choose Fedora.

Designer Tanya Rayhelgauz has been designing personal and customized  wedding dresses and evening gowns for 25 years. The list of her satisfied clients include many brides, some of them celebrities of the entertainment and fashion industries.

Tanya believes that it is impossible to have two identical wedding dresses – as each bride has her own dream of how she wants to look on the most special day of her life.

If you are not completely sure or know how to realize your dream, Tanya will build, invent and design the dress of your dreams from scratch together with you, and will personally guide you from the moment of your first meeting until your wedding day.

Tanya is a graduate of a fashion and textile academy abroad, a professional seamstress with an accumulated experience of 28 years, the owner of the Fedora and Chameleon brands, and a lecturer in the fashion course of the 6B Design and Architecture Studio in Tel Aviv.

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