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  • Joanna & Aharon

    Easywed were fantastic from the very first meeting. We had an instant connection with every single person and our wedding was perfect. They made every single step really easy and fun and took all the stress of wedding planning away. We had such a great experience, that we recommended them to our friends too who were really pleased they chose easywed. Amit and team, we love you, thank you! x
  • Iara & Nir

    Easywed guys, for all the help and the shiduch with this amazing people.
  • Ariela & Guy

    We were extremely happy with EasyWed. We were hesitant at first to sign up with a company because we thought the prices would be more expensive, but in reality when we compared the costs of things with and without EasyWed we were actually saving money and getting more for our money
  • Ravit & Ronen

    "We full-heartedly recommend you arrange your event through easywed!

    The peace of mind you'll get from working with them is simply worth it! easywed's suppliers are of the highest quality! Choosing easywed was one of the best choices we made in planning our wedding, and we are very happy for that. We strongly recommend you come to a meeting and form your own impression. It really is worth it."
  • Maya & Eitan

    "They always received us with a smile, answered all our questions or concerns, and took care of everything, without pestering or chasing us. It was always fun to come visit! They save you a lot of headache and heartache, and you really feel that someone has your back! They took care of all of our requests patiently (and I required a lot of patience…). We felt the warm, personal attitude of the entire staff.
    Thanks and love!"
  • Dana & Roy

    "I really can't understand how you can get married without easywed. I have the feeling that if we would not have gotten married through easywed, we would still be single."
  • Michal & Ohad

    "Their service is polite, high quality, and they are always available and attentive to you. They whole process of arranging our wedding was smooth thanks to them. They got our taste just right, and directed us to the suppliers who were the best match for us, for each of whom we got plenty of recommendations. It was enough to meet three suppliers, at most, in each field, and the decisions were fast and clear."
  • Nitzan & Efrat

    "The decision to go with easywed was one of the best decisions we ever made. From the moment we reached the place, and until after our wedding, we got amazing, professional, caring and pleasant service."
  • Meital & Nitzan

    "From the moment we entered easywed, we felt that there is someone helping us throughout the process, and the entire process of arranging the wedding turned from a difficult and tiring ordeal to a fun experience. Any request we had, our slightest caprice, were all answered patiently, with a smile and with love."
  • Sarit & Ben

    "Thank you for listening, for your service, caring, help – you are simply amazing!"
  • Hadar & Nir

    "The whole process was gone through with a smile. We got all our questions answered (and we had quite a few), got positive feedback for all our decisions and plenty of help in picking the perfect suppliers for us. Other friends of ours are already with easywed, on their way to the wedding of their dreams. We will continue to recommend all our friends to pick easywed. Thank you for everything!"
  • Osher & Tomer

    "We got to easywed to close our wedding in one month, so we 'make it' in summer (what you would call a fast wedding). We were treated with a positive spirit, and a lot of patient and desire to help, while taking care of each and every detail, until we understood every single clause of the contract. We were guided until we were happy with each and every supplier. In our searches, we got advice on every possible subject, from the wedding dress to the groom's cloths, the rings, bouquets, car decorations, invitations and all our other deliberations and everything on the way. At the end, they assumed responsibility for their supplier and gave their guarantee, and we were happy with all the professional suppliers they work with."
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