Haim Ziv & Shlomit Mizrahi

Haim Ziv – hair / Shlomit Mizrahi – makeup

The prestigious, ultra- professional beauty salon of Haim Ziv and Shlomit Mizrahi, with their top-quality service, is located on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv. The ground floor consists of the hair salon and make-up studio, while the floor below consists of the chemistry department, sun tanning room and cosmetic rooms.  


The salon offers efficient, meticulous service for all beauty treatments:

Hair styling – professional, individual consultancy for bridal and evening hair styling

Makeup – perfect makeup styles for brides, evenings and every day of the week

Cosmetics – a range of cosmetic services are available on the lower floor: manicure/ pedicure/ infra red hair removal / facial and body waxing / nail construction /artificial nails / every type of nail polish.

Chemistry – the chemistry department offers a range of colors from top brands in the world

Hair extensions of every sort

Hair straightening and rejuvenation / American / curl reduction / hair styling for men and women

Spray tanning


For the convenience of customers the salon offers a shower and dressing room for brides and evening dressing. 

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