Duet Catering

Duet Catering

Duet is a catering firm which specializes in dairy, vegetarian and vegan food and in the production of quality events. Love of cooking and use of choice raw materials fuse together to create a unique selection of superlative menus.

Our chef, Michal Levi-Elhallel, is a graduate of the Ritz cookery school in Paris. She has worked in top  restaurants in France, Italy and the U.S. and authored two books “Cakes and More” and “Cooking with 4 Ingredients”, which contain many Duet Catering recipes. 

Levi-Elhallel’s extensive experience across the world and in Israel helped her to develop an individual style that caters to Israeli tastes. Duet Catering believes that dairy, vegetarian or vegan menus are particularly appropriate for Israel and its hot climate. 

Since the firm was established in 1997, Duet has placed the emphasis on top-quality raw materials and the creation of exciting dairy, vegetarian and vegan menus  which use stocks (or quality soups) for sauces that require alternatives to cream.

The other advantage of dairy, vegetarian or vegan menus is that they can be eaten solely with a fork and are therefore suited to events with alternative seating. At the end of a meal, diners are invited to partake in a culinary feast of cakes, pastries and petit fours prepared by Duet’s master pastry chef whose specialty is creating individual desserts.  

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