Kerala, India

Kerala, India

India has many faces and an enormous variety of ethnicities, each of which boasts its own language, customs, colorful festivals, food and ancient traditions. A charming corner, almost unknown to the Israeli traveller, is the province of Kerala, in the south-west part of the Indian continent.


Kerala is a tropical pearl. A nature reserve with hundreds of wild animals and a verdant landscape which literally wraps itself around the traveler, sprawling rice fields,  and endless tea plantations around hill stations – the places of refuge favored by the British elite for their cool mountain air – areas which recall India’s colonial past.


Kerala boasts a rich, delicate cuisine based on a wealth of spices, with which this idyllic spot is blessed and stretches of endless backwaters which meander between paddy fields and fishing villages where time seems to stop. Easywed and Noya Holdings are proud to offer private tours in new air-conditioned vehicles with professional drivers at the wheel and promise an unforgettable honeymoon. 


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