Limor Rosen

Limor Rosen

Limor Rosen studied at Bezalel, where she realized any piece of clothing can also be a work of art.

After completing her studies in Israel, Limor continued her fashion studies in Spain, and continued to the European fashion industry and its high standards. She opened her studio after interning at the Diane Von Furstenberg New York fashion house.

Limor's dresses are made with accuracy and care from select fabrics, without compromises, with attention to each and every detail and fold. The design is minimalistic and refined, and is not carried away by passing fads.

In her last collection Limor integrates the soft, romantic look of feminine modernism. Chiffon fabrics and lace are entwined in her wedding dresses, which get the personal touch of each and every bride, in accordance with her personality and the style of her wedding.

Limor also provides full guidance on matching accessories, makeup and hair styling, as all details of the dress and of the hair and makeup design are intertwined to form a unified style.

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