Sameach Ensamble

Sameach Ensemble was formed by Teta, Israel's leading private event music company.

Sameach is a playful, interesting musical ensemble that gives your event a winning combination in critical moments, and succeeds time and time again, always drawing great applause from the audience, upgrading your event with prestige, originality and happiness.

Sameach Ensemble integrates in several stages of the event – at the reception, when the glass is broken under the chuppah, on the dance floor etc. This is a surprising ensemble, with a modern electro-beat style, which draws out the dancers.

Sameach Ensemble consists of 5 professional musicians: percussion, saxophone, tuba,  trombone and trumpet.

The ensemble's repertoire is diverse, including innovative arrangements in a variety of styles (Balkan, oriental, swing, electro-beat).

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