Inspired by the world's hottest groups such as the Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull and others, the Joy dance group is a great energy bomb that will fill your dance floor.

A rocking set of up to an hour and a half, in an ensemble of three musicians, a male singer and a woman singer, who together create an up-to-date party experience, which sounds like a DJ set but is performed live on stage.

This is a small, energetic and cool ensemble at an attractive price! Musical management: DJ VIC (Sensation, Innocence).

On The Floor

A refreshing breeze, the likes of which have never been heard in Israel!

This is a show consisting of three female singers with exceptional vocal abilities, a guitarist, a drummer with an insane sense of rhythm and musicality, and a DJ full of groove to give the beat.

The ensemble creates an incredible experience to the eyes and ears, and plenty of adrenaline on the dance floor.

All songs are performed in new arrangement, and with an amazing choreography.

The show last around 50 minutes of intense energies on stage and on the dance floor.

With On The Floor at your event, you will have all your guests on the floor, dancing.

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