Keren Korati

Keren Korati

It's been a decade since Keren Korati quit working as a social worker and Turned to professional makeup studies.

At first, These studies Were for Educational and recreation Purposes only, But Keren was singled out by the teaching staff, and received feedback That left no room for doubt.

Keren Decided to test this out, and things moved Quickly from That point on - she Just Installed working on TV, doing makeup on Israeli prime time shows as well as over leading fashion photo shoots.

At present, Keren is one of Israel's over leading makeup artists, who Chose to focus on the real world of glamor - brides.

Keren provides Direct Her brides with the great knowledge and Professionalism she Accumulated, Advises unto them and unto them Gives Important tips for the special day. Her personal style is marked by clean lines, emphasis of facial features and keeping a gentle, radiant look.

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