Juan Masel

Juan Masel

Juan Sebastian Masel's story starts in far-away Argentina, the country of his birth, where, from an early age, he took in the culinary influences of Argentine cuisine, with a strong emphasis on meat dishes.


When he grew older, he went out to explore the world of food which so fascinated him, going on culinary journeys of Japan, Thailand and classical Europe. From each place he visited, he took back some components; he mixed and kneaded to create what, years later, became his catering menu.


Juan studied at Le Cordon Bleu French academy of cooking in Australia, and continued to experience cooking methods and tastes from other culinary worlds: Italian cuisine, working as a chef for the mythological Italian restaurant Big Mama in the alleys of Shuk Hakarmel; French cuisine, working as a chef at 3 Michelin star New York restaurant Aureole; as well as Mediterranean – Jaffa cuisine, working as a sous chef at Cordelia restaurant in ancient Jaffa.


At the same time, Juan taught meat processing and cooking workshops at the Foodsteps Cooking School; provided culinary advice to cafes and restaurants; wrote for the Gourmet Food Magazine; and appeared in TV shows.

Juan acquired his extensive experience in catering in recent years as the house chef of Karma catering. Chef Juan Sebastian Masel's catering combines Mediterranean influences with touches of Argentine / Spanish cuisine.


Juan believes high quality Asado can be served elegantly and perfectly for an event, and that good food should be accessible to all people. It is therefore important for him to meet each and every client in person, to create together a menu that is the best match for the event concept and guests.

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