Anat Razmovitch and Einat Sberlo

Anat Razmovitch and Einat Sberlo

In 2010, makeup artist Anat Razmovitch and hair designer Einat Sberlo opened their studio, which has since served as a home for brides, at the center of Dizingoff Street, Tel Aviv.

Anat Razmovitch started out as a makeup artist in 1999, and at present she is one of the leading fashion and beauty makeup artists in Israel. Her works can be seen in catalogues of fashion brands and designers, as well as fashion productions and the covers of the best magazines. She has worked for four years as a makeup artist for MAC, and even become a part of PRO MAC, the company's leading team of makeup artists in Israel and abroad.

Einat Sberlo is one of the leading hair designers in the fashion industry in Israel. She started her professional career in New York, and for nine years lived in the Big Apple, working with the world's leading hair designers. At present, Sberlo works Israel's leading photographers, production companies and advertising firms.

The studio employs a skilled team of makeup artists and hair designers, meticulously picked by the two, who leave their studio to work throughout Israel.

The team allows brides to prepare for the wedding together with their bridesmaids, with each receiving dedicated treatment by her own professional and creative makeup artist and hair designer.

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