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How to organize a wedding in a month

Organizing a wedding in a month or two months sounds crazy but is totally possible and the great advantage – huge savings on expenses. So how do you do it?

After the exciting marriage proposal that normally arrives on your special days, the couple starts planning the wedding and it does not always work out in accordance with your dreams and fantasies.  That is when the difficulties in decision making start – should you get married this summer even though there are only 3 months to go or should you wait almost a year and a half for the next summer? Should you get married before exam time starts or wait 10 months until the school year is over?

Sound familiar? So we have some really good reasons to organize your wedding in a very short time instead of postponing the event:

A wedding that is organized fast is a cheaper wedding. The event premises and different suppliers will be happy to fill empty spaces in their calendars and will give you a really good discount. These discounts can go from 10% and up to 30% depending on the season and amount of guests.

A flash wedding, last minute wedding or wedding within a month or whatever you choose to call it – is a wedding which allows you to focus on what is truly important. There are no “empty” months along the way that can cause the wedding preparation process to go into a coma and make your head full of thoughts of regret s or indecision.

A short and focused process of wedding planning will force you to be organized and build a clear budget – you won’t be able to scatter all over the place. It is like going to the supermarket with an organized list rather than running wildly between the shelves and buying anything that catches your eye. With a fast wedding the organization is efficient, quick and saves money.

Our couples that have chosen to get married in a short amount of time admit that they almost never had an argument. There is no time for the mother of the bride to butt in or for the father of the groom to place sanctions, everyone works together towards the goal of creating the perfect wedding and standing under the canopy happy and excited.

So what would be the uncertainty actually? The main concern of the couples organizing their weddings in short periods of time is that it may cause stress. Not just to the couple but to the extended family as well – will we find a venue that matches our expectations or will we need to settle? Is two months enough to find the wedding dress and do the alterations? How do we invite everyone to the wedding within a month?

So here are some tips on how to organize a wedding within a month (or two or three):

Before you start make sure that you know everything: how many guests do you really have? What is your budget? What things are really important to you that you won’t settle for? This process can be complicated if you think you have 250 guests and then it turns out you actually have 400 guests.

Take into consideration that when organizing a wedding in a short time you will need to be flexible: You may not manage to get that specific make-up artist or the specific venue because they could be booked. So rather look for a certain style rather than a certain brand or person - this way even if a certain supplier or venue is booked you will be able to find something or someone similar.

Don’t wait for the Rabbinate. Since the Rabbinate has quite a bit of bureaucracy and dealings, start off with this process while looking for venues and suppliers adjacently. Try and make a date with the bride guidance counselor for the same day as the opening of the files in the Rabbinate so you will be able to cut down on the amount of times you have to appear at the Rabbinate.

The Golden Tip:  Turn to a wedding organizer and let the professionals shorten the time for you. Our vast experience, in organizing regular weddings and last minute weddings will significantly help you save time and more money. With us at Easywed within just one meeting you will be able to set your budget and get a personalized proposal for several venues that you like. After closing on the venue, our production manager will help you with anything to do with the suppliers, attractions, dance floor gimmicks, invitations, rings and even with the wedding dress. It is so much simpler and so much easier.


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