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How to choose a wedding photographer?

How do you choose a wedding photographer? What styles of photos are going to suit your wedding best? And most importantly – What photographer is recommended? Easywed will organize this for you!

When organizing a wedding there so many things you need to take into consideration, but it is important to remember that at the end of the day what will be left of your wedding is the memory, the video and photo album. This is why it is worthwhile to put emphasis and seriously think about what style of wedding photos you want. Most photographers that you meet will be stills photographers that will bring a videographer with them that they trust. Remember that most photographers know how to take great still photos and videos in any style you choose, so in the meeting with the photographer you should go over his albums, to see that he knows the style that you are interested in and you can guide him on that style.

Classic wedding photography

The classic style photography is strict on the formal and official look. In the classic style, the photographer helps the couple pose in front of the camera; he guides them and directs them in order to get the prettiest photos. The couple is aware of the presence of the camera and allows the photographer to dictate the style.

How will it look? You will have many photos of the couple and family looking into the camera, classic photos of the couple with the Ktuba, the groom placing the ring on the bride’s finger, and photos of the bride and groom with every table.

Who is this good for? For couples that don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera and prefer being guided by the photographer.

Prominent advantage: Couples that are not used to taking photos get a helping hand to bring them out in the best 

way possible and you can be sure that in this type of album no aunt gets left out.

Food for thought: Couples that prefer more spontaneous photos will not really connect with the classic style.

Contemporary wedding photography

The contemporary style is the most common; it is characterized by a very relaxed approach on the one hand and strict on formality on the other hand. The photographer interferes and guides but allows the couple to be free and spontaneous.

How will it look? Stylish posed photos.that suit the uniqueness of the couple, their style, the ambience and the location of the wedding next to spontaneous photos that catch the moments of the canopy and party.

Who is this good for? For everyone! The contemporary style is suitable also for couples that tradition and formality are important to them and also couples looking for chic and uniqueness.

Prominent advantage: This is a very popular style and justified at that, the couple gains from both worlds and gets very unique photos that match their special personality as a couple.

Food for thought: In order to achieve stylish photos the photographer will direct you, ask you to stand in a certain way or hold objects – You must feel comfortable with this.

Documentary wedding photography

With documentary style photography the photographer will take photos of moments of your big day exactly as they happen. He is mostly in the background, taking pictures and documenting all the goings on as the day goes by and he gives you complete freedom, so much so that at some point you won’t even feel him there, just like paparazzi.

This style is becoming very popular with brides, because it allows them a lot of freedom and the bride and groom can enjoy their big day without dealing with the camera.

How will it look? Unique photos and lots of spontaneous moments that were caught by the camera lens.

Who is this good for? Couples that are not embarrassed by the camera feel free and don’t need guidance of the photographer.

Prominent advantage: Even the bride and groom will get a surprise when they get their photos and will get another exciting moment when they discover the charming moments caught by the photographer.

Food for thought: You won’t know what kind of photos you will get in the end, and couples that like complete control, this will not suit them.

Artsy wedding photography

This style is characterized by the photographer’s ability to create a unique array of photos of your big day and almost everything is up to him. There are photographers that will do everything themselves and there are those that will direct you.

The only way to know if this style suits you is to check the photographer’s albums and decide if you want your wedding photos to look like that. Artsy photography can create incredible wedding photos, but there will be very little spontaneity and catching the moments and mainly planned work that will create polished photos.

How will it look? Gorgeous photos, thought out, designed, almost like a fashion magazine.

Who is this good for? For couples that have patience and are interested in photos that are a bit different.

Prominent advantage: Artsy photos are beautiful and on your special day it is fun to feel like models and get incredible photos to flaunt.

Food for thought: Artsy photos require a lot of work and investment, couples that have chosen the artsy style need to love the camera, listen to the photographer’s directions and flow with his ideas.

Epic wedding photography

Epic wedding photography is dramatic photography, larger than life. These normally can be identified by grand sets, with impeccable lighting, very intense and dramatic that you don’t see much at weddings.

These wedding photographers are normally very experienced in lighting techniques that bring out the best of the surroundings and the final photos are exquisite and almost look “photoshopped”. If you are dying for this type of style at your wedding, you need to carefully choose the photographer, make sure he knows the various techniques and that his albums can attest to his abilities.

How will it look? Very dramatic photos, well directed and very powerful.

Who is this good for? For couples that want something different at their wedding and are ready to go all the way with the photographer’s creativity or with their own crazy ideas.

Prominent advantage: No-one, but absolutely no-one will have photos like yours.

Food for thought: Take into consideration that epic photos attract a lot of attention especially because of the technique, and not always because of you. So if focus is important to you, you should give up on this style or at least calm it down a bit.

Here at easyweb you can find the best photographers that specialize in different styles, we are here to help you choose the photographer that suits you best.

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