The bride’s appointment


The bride’s appointment

Personal styling appointment, with a discount. What more can one want?

When you become an easywed bride, you know that you can put your mind at rest, even when it concerns the most important aspect of the wedding, which is how you will look.  


A bride has endless decisions to make: what style of wedding gown do I want? Does this particular style suit me? How should I style my hair? What accessories should I use? When should I see the beautician?


It is because of all these questions that we offer you, as part of your wedding package and at no extra cost, a personal meeting with the director of our bridal department who will help you find the perfect wedding gown and will give you a discount for each of our wedding dress designers, just because you are an easywed bride.


You can come to the meeting alone, or accompanied by a friend, your fiancé or your mother, and tell us your dream of how you want to look at your wedding. The head of our bridal department will help you fulfill your dream and, together, you will find the wedding gown that suits you best and the best hair and makeup stylists in the field, who will create a perfect look for you at a fee appropriate for your budget.


You will emerge from this meeting with appointments with the designers you liked best and, from this moment on, the road to the perfect look will be closer than ever.

To fix an appointment with Bat Chen, director of the bridal department, and in order to receive the special discount for easywed brides, contact:

Tel: 072-2730674 or Email:

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