The Rabbinate

easywed even helps smooth out the procedure at the Rabbinate

easywed possesses many years experience helping couples avoid a lot of headaches and legwork in preparation for their wedding. Today, we are proud to offer an exclusive timesaving service:  we will organize for you a meeting with a rabbi at easywed’s office where you will receive advice and support on the Rabbinate registration process.


Yes! In the wake of the new law which allows couples to register at a Rabbinate that is not located in their city of residence, it is now possible for couples to meet with a consultant rabbi in our own office in complete privacy. You will also be able to enjoy our spectacular location in the port, and the coffee, tea and krembos that await you every winter.   



Formal details

During the meeting, you will receive a list of recommended rabbis and be able to ask the consultant rabbi all the questions you have accumulated since the time you decided to get married.


Except for the cost of the marriage license which is set by the chief Rabbinate of Israel, the service does not include any additional cost.


Couple consultations take place every week, on prior appointment through your production manager. 


Our recommendation: fix your meetings with easywed as per the listed hours of operation and you will be able to complete two tasks in one visit to the port.

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