A Tu BiShvat Wedding


A Tu BiShvat Wedding

Tu BiShvat is here, which apart from some dried fruits and nuts at mom and dad’s goes mostly unnoticed. So what does this holiday have to do with us and your wedding?

Tree planting

Traditionally Tu BiShvat is the “New Year of the trees”, and as such was adopted by the Jewish National Fund as the day on which trees are planted throughout the country. Planting can be thought of literally or metaphorically – consider the latter:

Use this time when you are planning your wedding to create a firm foundation for your future long and happy life together: this is the time for many big and important decisions – financial, emotional, “political” vis a vis friends and family.

Use these challenges and obstacles to learn how to join forces to face those together in the future. Set yourself a set of rules and behavior patterns that will serve you well not only now, but for the rest of your life together. For example, decide together that you will always agree what is best for you as couple before talking to your families. This way, when one of your parents or other family members disagrees with some of your decisions, you will know in advance what is best for you two, helping you deal with these disagreements more easily.

Practically speaking:

Planting a tree together can be a very symbolic, even magical act at the beginning of your marriage. This tree will begin its life together with yours as a couple, growing together with the two of you. Think how exciting it can be showing mom and dad’s tree to your children.

The Seven Species

Did you know that some people are having a Tu BiShvat Seder, just like on Passover?

The best part of the seder are the seven species: wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive, and date.

Each one of these can serve as an element in your wedding – in styling, in takeaway gifts, as accessories, and of course as part of the food menu.

Dried fruits

Most are too rich in sugar, while most are not reserved for the holiday. Still, some have significant health benefits that can serve us during wedding preparations:

Dates are filling and reduce blood pressure.

Apricots and plums help with constipation.

Figs are rich in calcium and are very filling.

Raisins are a great natural energy snack, rich in vitamins and fiber, helping prevent various diseases and lower cholesterol.

Some say carobs can replace chocolate, but we can’t vouch for that...

Almonds are very good against heartburn.

Cranberries are great against urinary infections.

The almond tree

The almond trees are blooming, giving you the perfect backdrop for your wedding-day pictures or for save-the-day on Facebook.

There are many almond-tree groves where you can take your pictures – specifically check Canada Park near Jerusalem, Yad Kennedy (the JFK memorial), kibbutz Magal in the Hefer Valley, Valley of Elah, and more.

Not everything is ready yet? Need more help? This is a good time to talk to us at Easywed. We are a wedding-planning company, and we will be excited to help you with all your wedding needs easily, quickly and in one place, even leaving some change in your pocket. Call us now: (072) 2643077

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