Makeup trial: a quick guide


Makeup trial: a quick guide

Makeup trial. Like with so many other things, most of us hear about makeup trials for the first time when preparing for a wedding. So what is a makeup trial? What should you be asking during the makeup trial? What is worth your attention?

Finding a makeup artist who is perfect for you is not a simple task. Some brides like the dominating contoured style of Kim Kardashian, with extended eyelashes and visible lipstick, while those who don’t use makeup on a regular basis may prefer a more understated look on their wedding day.

The gap between what we think we want, and what we really want and need is worth a thought when going to the makeup trial.

What do you really need?

So you are a bride who thinks that she knows what she wants. Take into account that like in many other areas, professional training and experience can make all the difference, if you let them work to you advantage. There is no shortage of examples where brides who thought they wanted a very subtle and “natural” look were very disappointed when the wedding pictures came in. In the pictures they appeared to themselves as pale, not “bridal” and festive enough, and sometimes even not pretty enough.

Good makeup artists know exactly what works best for their brides, even if that is not exactly what the bride thought she wanted at first.

We had just such a bride a year ago, who only wanted minimal makeup, and certainly not bright-red lipstick. Our makeup artist used a clever trick to convince her to try just that kind of lipstick, with astounding results. To this day that woman is still using that same lipstick when going out, and she still says that she cannot believe how good it looks on her.

True to yourself

When you come to a makeup trial, note the personality of the artist – is it compatible with yours, especially on your wedding day when you are all excited and stressed out? Listen to the professional, because their knowledge and experience are what you are paying for – but also keep these points in mind:

1.    Does the makeup artist specialize in only one style?

2.    Do her brides all look the same, or does each bride get the style that suits her best?

3.    Did you show her your dress? Did you tell her about the event theme? Did she manage to put it all together to come up with the overall look that would work best for you?

4.    Does she go along with all your suggestions with regard to specific styles or changes? Does she insist on her point of view?

5.    Do you enjoy talking to her or even just spending time in her presence?

Thinking about these questions will help you figure out if you have found the makeup artist who is right for you.

There is no arguing with experience.

Brides who don’t normally use makeup in their daily lives can be left in shock from the makeup trial, when they see some strange woman looking back at them from the mirror. Keep in mind that on your wedding day your entire look will be different, as you will not be wearing a t-shirt, for one thing.

And don’t forget that what you will have left of this day are memories and pictures. Makeup for photographs is different from every-day makeup, so keep this in perspective and don’t be scared by your different look – just ask yourself: do I like this or not?

*Tip: take a picture of yourself before and after. When you are back home, you can take your time comparing the two and making up your mind.

Not all makeup artists offer a makeup trial.

Makeup trials don’t have definite rules.

*        Some artists charge extra for this service, with some refunding it from the final payment on the wedding day, while others offer it without charge.

*        Some makeup artists will not offer a makeup trial even as a separate paid service. They tend to think of their professional abilities highly enough to think of trials as unnecessary, but will instead meet you for consultation, where you can ask questions important to you.

Many brides change their minds a thousand times between the makeup trial and the wedding, so in practice what happened at the trial will not necessarily be the same as what will happen on the wedding day – and that is another reason why many artists forgo the trial altogether.

*        Some do the trial with full makeup on one side of the face, leaving the other clean or done in a different style, for comparison.

*        Some will provide you with lipstick and face powder to reapply during the wedding, others will agree with you on exact shades, and your will bring your own to the wedding.

What is important is that the style suits you, the makeup artist listens to you, and the makeup stays and looks good until the wedding is over.

You can find some makeup artists and hair stylists we recommend here:

Our production managers here at Easywed will be more than happy to help you find the makeup and hair team that is perfect for you.

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