How many wedding guests?


How to reduce the number of people you will invite to the wedding?

Are you thinking about inviting fewer people than you thought at first? There are several ways to do that, but they require determination and assertiveness, and sometimes even a heart of stone. For those who have it in them, here is the full guide to cutting the number of your wedding guests by at least a half.

You got engaged and you both are very excited. Your parents are so happy, that all they can think about is to announce the great news of their baby getting married to anyone who would listen. And this is how, without much notice, all the close and the not-so-close friends, family, aunts and uncles you have not seen in years, the cousin who got married and moved to California, and the neighbor with whom you grew up, but have not seen in ages since she moved all the way across the country – all get invited.

Long story short, you got 500 invitees, the majority of which you don’t even know. What is to be done? How to cut the number of people invited to the wedding?

In truth, it is not that difficult. Take that long scary list and a black marker, and begin crossing out:

1.    Anyone who had ever worn a white dress to someone else’s wedding.

2.    Anyone who ever got too drunk in a wedding, embarrassing the groom and the bride, and especially themselves.

3.    Anyone who ever forgot to take their place card, and then during the slow dance drove everyone crazy asking them where he or she should be sitting.

4.    Anyone who had ever been obsessively taking phone pictures of the reception, the chuppah, the first dance, the guys on the dancing floor – and put them all on Facebook before the bride and the groom could even take a look and approve (or not).

5.    Anyone you last saw two years ago or longer – yes, even if you are friends on Facebook and occasionally “like” each other’s posts.

6.    Anyone with whom you ever had sex and you are not about to marry them.

7.    Anyone with whom you ever wanted to have sex, but were refused.

8.    Anyone who ever broke your heart.

9.    Anyone living further than 90 km from the wedding venue.

10. Anyone who ever attended a wedding eating and drinking all they could, posing for all the pictures, taking part in every attraction, being the last one on the dance floor, and then saying on the next day “Well, that was a boring wedding, wasn't it?”

11. Anyone who had ever told you that you are not a good couple, that you don’t fit together, that once a long time ago when you split for a couple of days, said to one of you “Good riddance”.

12. Anyone who had ever RSVPed as attending and was a no-show.

13. Anyone who worked with you, but no longer does.

14. Anyone who was ever your best friend, but you had a fight and have not talked to ever since.

15. Anyone who does not know your names, referring to you as X’s granddaughter and Y’s son.

16. Anyone who ever made lame puns and jokes at the expense of your stressing over the wedding preparations.

17. Anyone who’s on Facebook and didn’t “like” your perfect “save the date” picture.

18. Anyone who ever stole your chair/pen/keyboard at work.

19. Anyone who tried to use your wedding to promote themselves: sing or dance for you, give you a speech, or offer their daughter as a flower girl.

20. Anyone who can make even your most happy occasion unpleasant or uncomfortable.

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