Five of the most common mistakes made when planning a wedding

Are you getting married? Congratulations! You are probably so excited and are dying to start with all the preparations and organizing. You already know what you want, you have a date in mind and you are clear on how you want your wedding to look.

But then reality hits and messes up your plans a bit. So in order for you make the planning process more pleasant, fun, no fights and no wasted expenses – pay attention to the five most common mistakes made when planning a wedding and try to avoid them:

  1. Starting the process with the venues

It is obvious that in order to start planning your wedding you first need a place to get married in but there is one step before that couples tend to forget and that is the budget. Before you start on your way across the country trying to find the perfect venue, check how much money you have. Don’t forget that the budget has to include not just the price per meal, photographer and D.J. but also the dress and the suit for the groom, make up and hair, wedding rings, attractions, magnets, gifts for the guests, design, sound, lighting, waiters wages, tips and more…

After you have calculated how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend on the wedding, you can start removing some of the wedding venues you were planning on seeing, because they are too expensive or not suitable for the amount of guests you have. It will also save you the heartache that is so common amongst couples of finding the perfect wedding venue but it is too expensive for you and now all the other venues don’t come close to the expensive one you saw. Then the dilemmas start if to settle or not, the fights over the money start and about the meaning of the wedding. Isn’t it a shame?

2. Doing everything on your own

Planning a wedding is a job. Many married couples will tell you how much time and energy they spent during this period in order to plan their wedding that will match all the expectations (yours, your family’s and your friends’) but also stay in budget. Ask them how many times they spent money on things they know today were a waste, what things they would have done totally different today – because they are smarter now and more experienced.

Planning a wedding is a job. And just like in any job to succeed you need experience and connections. 

This is what you have wedding planners for. Wedding planners know all the venues, halls and boutique facilities. They know the owners, the chefs that do the catering, the best photographers, the most desired DJs, all the new attractions, the hottest trends and most importantly can get you prices that you would not be able to get on your own even if you are a negotiation expert. Because this is their job, it is what they do on a daily basis, they live weddings, they live the industry and they are not treated as a young couple – but as colleagues and friends. And I am sure you know who they invest in more? Who they will give the discount to at the end of the day – to friends or strangers?

3. Dealing only with the money

The dilemma between wanting the perfect wedding and wanting to do the wedding at a normal price, that will leave you some money on the side for a honeymoon, and with some money for real life that will come after this one night can cause lots of fights, frustrations and disappointments along the way. So, yes, it is important to stick to a budget. Yes it is just one night that passes quickly. And still you really want the dress that costs 14,000 shekels or you can’t imagine the wedding without the really cool band.

Ahead of time, take into consideration that when planning your budget a certain amount will be set aside for extras. This will keep you within your budget but will allow you to go wild in certain areas you really want to. This small sum on the side will keep you within your budget and will make you think is it worthwhile spending this extra on the flower stand? Or do you prefer keeping it for branding?

4. Loads of attractions

Also a photography stand, also a magnet photographer, also a flower arrangement stand and a balloon artist. This is all loads of money and less wedding. Don’t worry; your guests won’t get bored if you don’t have a special activity that changes every hour. They are here for you, to eat, to drink, to dance and share in your joy. You really don’t have to spend so much money on an endless amount of attractions that will just keep your guests away from the dance floor.

Choose one attraction. One thing that will make your wedding special and that you both want. There is no reason to spread out in every direction. There are so many new attractions and each one is cooler and more special than the next and still you don’t need to have them all at your wedding and pull the attention away from you.

5. Taking to heart

The neighbor tells you that she won’t be able to come to your wedding even though you went to hers and you even took care of her cat on the day of her wedding. Your best friend has army reserves the day after and can’t be your chauffeur. The guys from work are not as excited as you and even hinted that they are tired of your wedding chatter.

Yes, this is the most important day of your life and you have been planning this forever. You are excited, happy and everything that is happening is like amazing news for you. But remember that for the extended family or people at work it is just another wedding. One of many they have been invited to this summer (just like you felt towards all the weddings you were invited to last summer). Don’t take this to heart. No one is doing anything on purpose or intentionally and sometimes in these moments you find out who are the people that really care and love you. Be happy with these people and take all the rest that seem they care a bit less in proportion.


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