Ushpizin: Seven type of guests at a wedding that we all know

(Ushpizin, each of the seven mythical guests who visit the Sukkah)

Every Sukkot we celebrate in the Sukkah (or run off to a vacation) and part of the Mitzvah is hosting the Ushpizin. In the Kabala it is customary to tell stories about the seven guests who are all forefathers of the Jewish nation.

At weddings there are seven types of guests, and it really does not matter how special or different the wedding will be, they will definitely be a part of the wedding someway or another. So here is our wedding Ushpizin:


They are as excited as the bride and groom, they have quite a lot of responsibility whether it is to chaperone the bride on her wedding day, play video games with the groom until he needs to go pick up the bride, be a chauffeur, responsible for the printed shirts, the one who organized the hen night and the one that will make sure you drink water between chasers. In short, they will create the most joy, care for you, will be a significant part of your wedding and will remind you about this until it is their chance to get married.

These are the people that all the craziness of organizing the wedding is worthwhile for them, because after all the uncles and friends of your parents have left these are the ones that you will party with until you fall off your feet. How lucky we are to have them.

The one that nobody knows

“He is probably the partner of Dad’s secretary Etty”. This is the assumption you will carry with you throughout the whole function and also the days after it. They will bless you at the wedding wholeheartedly, lift a toast to you, will go crazy on the dance floor and even appear in some photos in your album, but for some reason, none of you will be able to remember exactly who this guy is.

It is not that bad, it happens at every wedding, and what will happen in a few years' time, when you are feeling a bit nostalgic, you will pull out the wedding album and video and someone in the family will all of a sudden remember that he is the brother from America of Aunt Simcha from grandpa’s side of the family. Cute!

The Evader

You are great friends; she was one of the first you told about the engagement, He is one of your best mates that couldn’t stop getting excited and even asked you to invite him to the hen night. They are people you love and trust but for some reason on the wedding day – they just do not pitch up.

Some of them will let you know they can’t come because of an exam, another family function, she had a baby not long ago and some, the crueler ones, will just not arrive and won’t let you know either. Your heart will break, anger will flood your chest and all you think about is “Damn, I want to cancel the whole wedding, they are all bastards!”

The truth is though that at these functions it is easy to discover who is a real friend and who is a bit less, on the other hand you need to take into consideration that what may be the most important moment in the world for you, is just another wedding for others (even for a really good friend) and sometimes there are real constraints that prevent people from celebrating with you. After the wedding everything will look a lot more rational and in clear eyes you can decide if the abandonment was justified or not.

The Dresser

We have not really managed to solve this statistic, but somehow it turns out that at every wedding, and I mean every wedding, there will be that girl that dresses inappropriately.

Sometimes she will arrive in a white dress, sometimes she will come in a proper wedding dress just in pink or peach so you god forbid won’t think that she is jealous, sometimes it will be someone with an overly exposed dress that after a drink or two will lose her composure and sometimes it will be just an innocent friend that decided to wear a strapless dress and the whole night will be busy pulling it up.

Everyone will pay attention to her, and in rare cases of self awareness she might even be embarrassed, but you really don’t need to be bothered by this. Just accept her as one of the regular phenomenon of a wedding, like a guest that forgot to place a check in the box.

The kid that steals the show

It is normally a nephew or young cousin but sometimes it can be just any cute kid that arrived with their family that has to come in full line-up wherever they go.

They dress sweet and festive, they are so thrilled with the balloons, non stop music, the fact that their parents are not really watching over them and they just give an incredible show. All your friends will go crazy over them, all your aunts will hug them closely in a slow dance, and until the D.J. won’t put on a song that makes everyone hold onto the hem of your wedding dress and dance around you, they will be the center of attention.

The Overzealous

He is a friend, we love him but sometimes he really is awful. He always over drinks, pulls everyone in for another shot and then another one, he deteriorates the groom until he has lost all of his senses. Yes, he just wanted to be happy and took advantage of the fact that the wedding bar is free and there is probably someone lined up to take him home after, but it really is gross when he starts throwing up or trying to lift the groom on his shoulders in the middle of a slow dance.

And yet, he is probably going to be the funniest part of the wedding video, that part you will want to see over and over.


The Dancers

Almost always they are going to be an older couple, your parents’ friends or maybe even your grandparents’ friends, although we have bumped into some young couples like this that are convinced that the dance floor was meant for them and it is actually dancing with the stars. Waltz, Tango, Salsa or Rumba they will find a way to dominate the floor even if Kanye West is playing in the background.

After all it is normally a cute couple that gets tired after two to three dances and then sits down to eat a drumstick, but they will always be there, at every wedding. Just the sequins are missing.

We will be happy to help you with all your deliberations. Easywed – The wedding organizers.



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