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What to take with you on your wedding day? A printable list

The complete list for your wedding day includes everything a bride or groom will need on the day of their wedding and also some things it is good to have with you just in case (we are crossing our fingers that you won’t need it all). Our recommendation, prepare the bag a day before together calmly, so that you don’t forget anything.

Good morning, your wedding day has arrived! Can you believe it?

This day is so full, full of details, arrangements and things that you need and want to get done and before you know it, it’s already over. After so many months of work, planning, meetings, negotiations and maybe even a few arguments – The big day has arrived and you for sure want everything to go smoothly and easily.

Firstly, don’t forget to eat. You have a long day ahead of you, so at least enjoy a good pampering breakfast. Take into account that it may be your only meal until you get to chew on something at the function, so you must not skip it.

While you make yourself free for the make up, hairstyling and dressing, the groom should take the time to go and wash the car, decorate it and make sure he does not forget the rings anywhere.

Just like before any serious journey, you have to do some packing. The list we have prepared for you may seem long, but most of it will fit into one bag that is worth putting in the hands of the person that will be with you from the morning and until the end of the evening. This bag will include all the “first aid” that a bride needs and a few extras.

What to take with you on the day of your wedding? (A printable list)

Veil (it is recommended to put it on the hanger with your dress)

Bridal shoes

Shawl or top for the wedding dress for the canopy.

Comfortable shoes for dancing

Body shaper and stockings

Bridal jewelry – including designer clips and comb for your hairstyle

Spare bra and underwear

Hairpins and elastics

Small towel

Umbrella (if you are getting married in winter, so that the hairstyle won’t get ruined).

Wipes for cleaning clothes


Everything for the wedding:

The Mikve confirmation

All the phone numbers of the suppliers printed on a page in several copies

The seating arrangement and nametags

Envelopes with money for the suppliers that you need to pay on the wedding day – make up artist, photographer etc.

Drawing of the tables and guest list by table

Fun stuff for the dance floor

If you want to say personal stuff to each other at the canopy – don’t forget to bring your papers


A Talit for the groom

The Ktuba

Wedding rings

Hygiene and cosmetic bag:



Hair brush and hair cream

Body and hand lotion


Ear buds (if your make up smudges)

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Dental floss

Your own basic make up: concealer and lipstick

Cotton wool and soft tissue

Make up remover

Pads and tampons for emergencies

Wet wipes

A small mirror

Eye drops

Glasses, contact lenses and solution


Headache tablets, nausea pills, rescue drops etc…

Sewing kit (a needle with white thread, small scissors and file)

Safety pins

Tweezers and nail file

Straws for drinking (so you won’t ruin your lipstick)

A battery charger for your phone – preferably cordless

Mints or gum (preferably mints, you don’t want to be caught chewing in the photos)

Small bottle of water

Small change


*In order to print the list, mark the rows of the list, click on the right click of your mouse and press print.

Most importantly – take everything easy and may you have a wonderful wedding, way beyond all your expectations!

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