Seating arrangements


Seating arrangements

Oh…seating arrangements. It is a small hell in every wedding plan. It does not matter if you have 150 guests or 700.  The RSVP process and then dividing up the guests to tables is one of the most irritating, frustrating and tiring steps of wedding planning.

Who sits with whom? How many spare seats to leave? How do you not forget anyone?

Just like everything else, here at Easywed we believe that wedding planning needs to be a fun and enjoyable experience, there is no reason to suffer, so we have gathered some of the best tips and advice to make this experience easier and simpler.

1. On the internet there are a whole lot of sites that can help you with the seating arrangements by using their systems. Pay attention to the fact that some of these cost money. We propose doing it as simply is possible, next to your excel sheet of guests open another excel sheet and copy all the names in groups of ten to fifteen names (according to the amount of guests you can put at each table). In most cases your name list and your parents will already be slightly organized according to close family, extended family and friends.

2. How do you make sure in advance that you won’t need extra tables? At every table leave one or two empty chairs. This way if a friend from work arrives with his wife or an aunt brings her children, you will have place for them at the table and you won’t have to run around trying to find them another place or open extra tables that will cost you more.

3. This is the bestselling secret in the wedding industry: Place your friends close to the dance floor. They are the ones that are going to liven everything up, they are the first ones that run to dance and you don’t want them far away. The old aunts or parents’ friends you can place on tables further away from the dance floor. They normally leave early and empty tables don’t make for good photos.

4. Keep the elderly away from the speakers. Try and find out from the function manager where the speakers will be and then place the elderly as far as possible. They will just suffer and have a hard time having conversations with the noisy music in the background.

5. You don’t have to seat everyone at a specific table. What does this mean? You can totally just decide that certain tables will be for friends and another group of tables will be for his side of the family etc. This way the guests will get a seating note that allows them to choose between two to three tables and they will decide who they want to sit and eat with.

6. Make sure to pass the full list and seating arrangements to the manager of the function and to another person in your entourage that you trust (brother or uncle).  On the night they will take care of all the issues, like a family friend that is not sure where he is supposed to sit or an aunt that arrived with some unexpected guests. There is really no reason for you to deal with this on your night, but you also should not totally let go – every single addition of a guest can cost you more money – so let someone who understands and can handle emergencies if they happen.

7. Don’t forget your parents. It is true that it is also their function and they will probably walk around all night between the guests, but they deserve to have a chair to sit on as well and a plate with food that just a few weeks ago you argued about at the tastings.

8. The suppliers you work with on the other hand don’t need seats at the tables. They are supposed to work throughout the evening and not sit and eat. Most of the suppliers have been working for a while in the industry and know most of the venues, most of them have an unwritten agreement with the venue that they eat at the reception or get their own meal at some point in the evening. This has nothing to do with you.

9. Think about the smokers – You are not really supposed to smoke in closed halls, but at most of the functions the smokers always light cigarettes. Try and make a place for them far from the pregnant ladies or the elderly.

10. Take your time – Make the seating arrangements on your own. It is anyway a lot of work and the stress of your parents or friends can make the seating arrangements even harder. Set aside a whole evening for this and not the night before the wedding and do it calmly and seriously, we promise you, you will feel much better.

Have you not completed everything? Do you need more help? This is the time to contact us at Easywed. We are a wedding planning company that helps you complete everything you need for your wedding in one place, easily and quickly and you will even be left with change in your pocket. 

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