Advance payments


Advance payments: how much to give? And how do you look after your money?

For the first time in the wedding industry there is someone who looks after your money. Easywed is a pioneer and is bringing news to the wedding industry: a guarantee on all the advance payments and a full refund in any case of a wedding cancellation due to the closing of the venue or bankruptcy of the venue owners.

As the largest wedding planning company in Israel, we have heard more than once from couples worried about giving advance payments to the wedding venue. It is normally a large amount of money, about 10% - 60% of the deal.

The concern of the couples to give such a large amount of money, often a long time before the actual wedding, is understandable. Many couples request to give the lowest advance payment possible when signing the contract with the venue, and that is how they guarantee themselves minimum damages in case the venue will close down before their wedding.

Here at Easywed we know about this issue and the concerns of the couples when they have to give an advance 

payment, that is why we work with the best suppliers in the industry, however because we know that there is always a concern that things can happen that are not up to us, we decided to be the first and only ones in the wedding industry to give full guarantees on your advance payments.

It does not matter if the wedding you planned through us is big or small, low priced or high priced, in a prestigious and expensive venue or a small intimate venue, if you planned the complete wedding through us or only chose the suppliers through us, your advance payments will be safe and you have a full guarantee over them.

What happens if the venue goes bankrupt?

The advance payment to the venue can be up to 20,000 shekels and this is before we even talk about the advance payments for the bar, design, photographer and DJ. Altogether it can reach 40,000 – 60,000 shekels in just a period of a few months before the wedding.

For this amount of money the couple pays, the venue saves them the date of their wedding and commits to it in a signed contract. But is it enough?

What happens if the venue goes bankrupt? Or has to close its doors? Or god forbid, the owner runs away with the money? We have all heard about brides and grooms that found out two months before their wedding, two weeks before their wedding and even on the wedding day that their wedding was cancelled for some unfortunate mishap that happened at their venue and because of that they lost tens of thousands of shekels that were given as advance payments.

In order to get their money back the couples are dragged into long legal struggles and at the end no one promises that they will get their money back at all. The guarantee that Easy web gives you is a full refund of all the advance payments of the wedding in case of cancellation of your wedding because of the closing of a venue due to licensing issues and/or the closing of the venue due to the bankruptcy of the owners of the venue.

So even if the worst thing happens, we are here. We will return your money of the advance payments and we will do what we can to help you through this crisis and find the perfect solution for you with minimum expenses and heartache.

That is how it is when you plan your wedding with the biggest and most experienced wedding planners. Our experience together with the guarantee we provide will let you close all the details of your wedding with full confidence and knowing that no matter what happens we are behind you, looking after you.

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