Dreaming of getting married in Israel?

easywed has been specializing in planning weddings in Israel for more than 10 years.

Together with you, our wedding professionals plan a dream event within an agreed budget, and turn it into a reality your dream about getting married in Israel - with the help of the best wedding locations and suppliers for weddings in Israel, while supervising and providing professional backup throughout the process.

Just tell us your vision for getting marriage in Israel and we will create an offer especially for you to fulfill your dream about getting married in Israel .

If packages aren't your thing, easywed also offers a fully bespoke wedding planning service, with your own personal planner with you every step of the way.

We are here to allow you to focus on what's really important – your dream wedding

Mazal Tov!


Service Pledge

easywed's service pledge 

We, easywed's event planners, out of a genuine commitment to our profession, to our clients and to the organization we represent, hereby undertake:

·        To provide the best professional service at the highest possible level – quickly, efficiently and patiently, to ensure a perfect event.

·        To listen to the needs and dreams of each of our clients, to identify and understand their needs and desires and to provide accurate, objective, efficient and professional service.

·        To constantly follow up on new trends in the event industry in Israel and abroad, to maintain our professionalism and to continue as leaders in this field.

·        To work for the best interest of our clients and to maintain their absolute discreetness and privacy.

·        To create a process, for our clients organizing an event, that gives them a sense of security and peace of mind until the day of celebration.

·        To treat each client with respect and esteem.

·        To create an atmosphere of cooperation and love, to make each moment of organizing the event pleasant.

·        To represent easywed in the best possible way.

·        To provide creative and efficient solutions for complex issues arising in the organization of the event.

·        To pick any business partner – event venues, suppliers and service providers – meticulously, while keeping the highest possible standards in this field.

·        To conduct mystery consumer reviews, in order to ensure our clients get the best.

·        To provide each client with an event organizer and production manager to guide them in the process of organizing the event, and to provide them with an appropriate, fast response to any question.

·        To get the most attractive prices for all of our clients in organizing their dream event.

·        To provide each and every client warmth and love, attention and a sympathetic ear, as if s/he is easywed's only client.

·        To do everything possible to make the event a success.

·        To offer each client original, innovative accessory products, in order to upgrade any event and make it truly one of a kind.

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