Kleine Mentshelekh

Kleine Mentshelekh

We, the Kleine Mentshelekh (in Yiddish: "small people") klezmer group, are six young musicians that came together to play up-to-date arrangements of happy Jewish music.

Our music is characterized by Balkan and gypsy influences, and the nigunim, that have been played in so many weddings over so many years, are exhilarating and extremely happy.

The instruments in the band: clarinet, accordion, sousaphone (a type of marching band tuba), a drum and two violins.

We can add more players, for a total of up to 10, with additional baritone horn, snare, viola and violin. We usually play unamplified, and our instruments allow us to be mobile, moving from place to place as we play, get into the audience to make them dance, and even play in processions.

Kleine Mentshelekh – klezmer, music, joy.

Mazal tov!

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